I started this blog back in July, and haven't written another post since. Life has been tough, my girlfriend and I split up at the start of the year and it's seriously flipped my life upside down.

Since then I have become a Director and Treasurer of Edinburgh Hacklab (my local community maker/hackerspace), as well as starting a job working for my friend's company building and selling LoRaWAN devices. Both of these take up a large amount of my time and are great fun. However politics in the Hacklab and having to quickly learn a lot of new skills at this job are seriously draining me.

I owe a few friends a great gratitude, not for helping me directly throughout this year, but for having cool projects and things I can do with them to take my mind off things. This is made my life significantly happier.

As of writing this, I'm looking forward to the next year and any new ventures that it may bring with it. But before then, I must endure the holidays, which is always a tough time for me and the worst part is I don't even know why.

Maybe next year I'll keep this thing more up to date with my ramblings, who knows. Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and a fantastic New Year.